by The Homeless

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Recorded @ Much Luv april 2015


released May 30, 2015



all rights reserved


The Homeless Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

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Track Name: Black Years
If you knew it all before would you pull her near again
or would you keep banging those drums until she left
would you take the pain again
or would you keep your lips sealed
and say we’re good as friends (were we good as friends?)

the same song, an awful melody
no matter where you go, it will keep you here
no matter where you lay you’re head
no one will pull you out the depths

When you think of everything
that you could have been
someone will always whisper her name
though these black years will become days
but hold your wish for them to fade
cause there’s no way to erase this kind of pain

from the black of my heart
you still tear me apart
from the black of my soul
you still manage to control
me and all my dreams
Track Name: Move On
have you ever thought about your own funeral
thought about who’d attend, friends and family
have you ever tried to see the tears in their eyes
do you recognise their faces
i’ve been thinking too much about this
it keeps me from falling asleep at night

i don’t care who would miss me
i don’t care how many seats stay empty
all i care about is you, you’re the reason my heart still beats
you’re the only reason that i breath

what happens when i flee
away from everything we used to be
what happens when i flee
away from everything, from you and me

from you and me and everything we used to be

would you ever forgive me if i leave you like this
would you try to understand
would you think of the good years instead of the bad
would you love to remember or would you try to forget me

i’d like to know when i’m gone, how fast you’d move on
how long will it take for me to disappear
how long for your lips to form my name the last time and it stops

how long will it take before you find someone else to hold you
and will he hold you like i do, will he love you like i do
will he comfort and adore you at least as much as i do

i’d like to think you’ll be fine without me
i’d like to think you’ll move on without me