Enjoy Poverty

by The Homeless

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released October 8, 2011

on Blackheart Records / Profound Dub Records



all rights reserved


The Homeless Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

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Track Name: the wall the view
every single day you make me feel like I'm nobody
but I'm more than you'll ever be, the brightest star you'll ever see
I've got my mind set on this and I'm not letting go
'cause this is all I've got
I'm a dreamer, a believer I will make it you'll never stop me
I'm a dreamer, a believer I'm not losing hope
nothing will stop me from being the person I inspire to be
something you never thought I could be
it's not about were I'm now it's all about where I'm heading to
and I may have made mistakes but I'll never give up on this
I'll never lose hope
Track Name: sleepless nights
I've seen the worst of days, I want to see better days
let me scream away the years
where this home was nothing but a place to sleep
at the end of the day I'm the one standing in the rain left all alone
I'll carry the weight of the world, a reminder of everything I've seen
I won't bite the hand that fed me but there's no one supporting my back
I remember those sleepless nights, those endless fights
the sleepless nights, the endless fights, the scars on me won't fade away
the sleepless nights, the endless fights, please father get me out of here
Track Name: enjoy poverty
Words can't explain how much this means to me
I'm not willing to wave the white flag
to live on my knees
If we stand together we can fight for this
We'll bring these walls down, stone by stone
I'm not taking this shit anymore
These arms are holding the entire future
of our fucked up, controlled lives
we're losing everything we stand for
It's time to make a change
It's time to set us free
We're losing the one thing in our lives
that we should be holding on to
The only heat that doesn't burn
the warmth that pushes us through these cold days
So let you heart feed your veins because of this
the harder it beats
Not letting go, not letting go, they say enjoy poverty.
Let you heart feed your veins cause of this
the harder it beats
Not letting go of this, they say enjoy poverty.
Track Name: all in gravity
Here at this point you've left me with nothing but questions
They're all staring at me like I'm the only person who can be who he wanted to be
But look at me now I can only see the black snow falling down on the filthy grey tinted doorstep of my life
But I will stay I was born in this place
I will carry on the memories, forget about the pain
I'll fucking stay, You just go your own way
But in the end I'll smile, When you're drowning in your fantasies
When there's a barricade between you and your destiny
When grey will be the only color you can see
I'll celebrate your ceremony when you're 10 feet deep, turn around and look at me
this wasn't the person who i wanted to be
there once was someone else
but those feelings i prefess that night remain unfaithfull in my heart
those shining dreams we had back then i will never forget
if you ain't got love, you ain't got life
I never gave up, I just kept trying
But I will stay I was born in this place
I will carry on the memories and forget about the pain
I'll fucking stay, You just go your own way
But soon the snow will melt away, bit by bit every fucking day
This paper will be wrapped around the rock
That was holding me back from finding my luck

+bonus track:

Do not just stare in front of you
Looking up to the “better” man
Don’t try to run away from everything
You’ve got to believe in yourself again!