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by The Homeless

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released July 1, 2012



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The Homeless Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

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Track Name: Hard Walk
It's the same old story, all over again
I'm not sure what I'm feeling, I feel so god damn empty
I'm disconnecting, I've got nothing to live for
We're walking without direction
This all seems so pointless to me
I guess I'm better off on my own
I've realized there's nothing left, nothing left to try

My heart longs for you, but i'ts better this way!
My life ends here, I've lived for the time
You loved me
I never thought this day would come
There's a hole in my heart where we used to be
Where we used to be

And as time went by all I could see
was a picture of you walking away from me

Our perfect life is fading
We're sailing different tides
We used to walk side by side
Now I'm on my own

All alone I'll carry on
And I'll be fine, I'll be just fine
Track Name: Your Turn, I've Failed (acoustic)
You can follow the path with that light at the end of the road
Far behind all those trees and over those mountains you'll find that place they call home
Infinite I can swim upstream these rivers below
But in the end is it still worth it if it's always only for you

And in my dreams I always try
But in reality I let it pass me by
It should be time to dream myself awake
And live for better days

But I can't, I never could
It all seems so endless and that's why I never understood
It's all growing deeper, it's welling up inside
All 'cause I’m that coward that never ever tried

If she doesn't care anymore
Then let me die here in my sleep
If she did never ever cared that much
Just let me die here in my sleep
If she's not near
Please let me die here, please let me die here in my...